The Association plays an important role in advocating effectively to all levels of government and to private industry the benefits of recreation, parks and culture in terms of quality of life, health and wellness.

Advocacy Initiatives

BC On the Move - 10 Year Transportation Plan - BCRPA Submission

In December 2014, the Ministry of Transportation began public consultations in relation to its upcoming BC On The Move Ten-year Transportation Plan. On behalf of our sector, the BCRPA made a submission advocating that the government prioritize vehicular and physically active modes of transportation equally, and that it create a plan that will be about people moving as much as it is about moving people and goods. Three priority areas for the development of BC’s Transportation Plan were identified that together will help create this shift and result in an inclusive plan of action that supports the health and safety of individuals and communities. You can read the submission here.  

2013 Provincial Election

The 2013 BC provincial election provided an opportunity for the BCRPA to campaign for recognition and support of the parks and recreation sector’s key issues. Building on that momentum, the BCRPA Election Campaign Strategy Task Group developed advocacy material for political candidates.

The BCRPA took two key parks and recreation sector issues to election candidates and party leaders, asking how they will advance these issues when they are in government. Access the advocacy material and read candidate responses received to date here.

Recreation Infrastructure Renewal

BC's aging recreation facilities put healthy communities at risk.

A report released by BCRPA states that 68% of the province's recreation infrastructure is at least 25 years old and in urgent need of funding for renovation or replacement.

The BCRPA's - A Time for Renewal: Assessing the State of Recreation Facilities in British Columbia- takes stock of the condition of BC’s recreation infrastructure. Based upon 5 years of comprehensive research, study and analysis, the report highlights that $5.2 billion is needed over the next decade to upgrade and replace the province's aging indoor recreational facilities. BC's aging infrastructure is unable to keep up with the demands of a growing population that has changing needs and is reaching the crisis point on funding requirements. Click here to access the reports.
The BCRPA has set out to make recreation infrastructure renewal a top priority and is working with decision makers at all levels to gain their support and commitment in making this issue a public policy priority. Join us in our campaign to turn a pressing need into a public policy priority. Click here for more information and resources.
Letters of Support:
Federal Budget Priority Submission:
The BCRPA submitted a brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance to make recreation infrastructure renewal a priority for the 2011 federal budget. Read the brief here.
Provincial Budget Submission
The BCRPA submitted a brief to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services advocating that recreation infrastructure renewal be considered a provincial budget priority. Read the brief here.
Media Relations

Advocating for Recreation in Provincial 2013 Budget and
new Public Health Care Plan

On behalf of our members, the BCRPA has filed two advocacy submissions with the Provincial Government. The first was to the Province of BC Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services in relation to Budget 2013 Consultations. The submission outlined our recommendations for 2013 provincial budget priorities.

The second was to the Ministry of Health in response to their BC Public Health Plan consultations. The BCRPA is advocating for Recreation to be an active participant in the creation and delivery of a new public health plan.

BCRPA Submission for Renewal of Federal Health Accord

The BCRPA has submitted a brief to the Premiers and Health Ministers in Canada advocating that they prioritize and direct funding to the promotion of health and the prevention of chronic disease as a means by which to address the national escalation of health care costs and the deterioration of our nation’s health.

2013 Recreation Roundtable & 2014 National Recreation Summit

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for sport, physical activity and recreation recognized the value of recreation to healthy communities and quality of life during their annual meeting June 26-27, 2012, and P/T Ministers agreed (except Quebec)  to support a Recreation Roundtable to be hosted in New Brunswick May 29-30, 2013.  To build on the success of the October 2011 National Recreation Summit -- a joint initiative of F-P/T governments and the Canadian Recreation and Parks Association -- Ministers also directed officials to plan the next National Recreation Summit in 2014.
The Ministers also endorsed the Canadian Sport Policy (CSP) 2012 and the Multi-Sectoral Framework for Action on the After-School Time Period.
Download the press release.

Healthy Families BC Communities Initiative

The Province is hosting a comprehensive province-wide consultation with the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and local governments (councils and senior staff) on its Healthy Families BC Communities Initiative. For more information and consultation schedule, please refer to the overview and registration information.

In support of its members, BCRPA has produced a brief that introduces the perspective of the recreation sector in these discussions.

Downlad BCRPA brief.

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and Recreation

In early December 2009, the BCRPA wrote to then Minister of Finance Colin Hansen requesting that the provincial government provide an exemption from the 7% provincial portion of the HST for recreation services, programs, memberships and facility rentals to ensure that everyone continues to receive the health and social benefits of participation in physical activity.

Click here to read the letter to Minister Hansen - December 2009

In Spring 2011 the provincial government requested feedback from citizens regarding possible amendments to the HST. In response the BCRPA  requested government provide an exemption from the HST to those programs and services that facilitate and encourage access to and participation in physical activity and recreation, and that future key healthy living services also be exempt.

Click here to read the letter to Minister Falcon - June 2011

Swimming Pool, Spray Pool and Wading Pool Regulation

For several years now, BCRPA in collaboration with the Lifesaving Society has been advocating for revisions to the Swimming Pool, Spray Pool and Wading Pool Regulation.

Click here to read the correspondence between BCRPA and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.

Early Childhood Learning Agency Consultation Paper Review Response

The BCRPA recently asked its members for input on a consultation paper released by the BC Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Learning Agency titled "Expanding Early Learning in British Columbia for Children Aged 3-5".  We have now compiled these responses and submitted the following letter to the Ministry of Education.

Re: Early Childhood Learning Agency Consultation Paper Review Response


Conversation on Health

Read all of the BCRPA Conversation on Health here.


Childcare Regulations
View the responses the BCRPA task group on child care regulations has drafted to changes proposed by the provincial Child Care Licensing Regulatory Review Steering Committee.

Child Care Regulations Exemptions Summary (28KB doc)
Child Care Cover Letter - January 31, 2005 (100K pdf)
Child Care Review Response - January 31, 2005 (115K pdf)

The Winning Legacy
Read more about the plan for improving the health of British Columbians by 2010.

Pool Operator Regulations
Recommended operating guidelines (115K pdf) for swimming pools in the province of BC.

Tax Relief for Parents
Read about Christy Clark's Private Members Motion for tax credits to families. (104K pdf)


Parks and Recreation Benefits Your Community
View the presentation "Together We Can Make a Difference" (zipped .exe file 2.7MB, PC only) and discover how parks, recreation and physical activity play a critical role in the building of strong, healthy communities.