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Physical Literacy in BC - An Environmental Scan of BC municipal recreation organizations

Everyone is talking about Physical Literacy, but what are we doing about it? To get a better sense of what's being done across BC in relation to the Physical Literacy agenda, the BCRPA conducted a scan of the recreation sector. The response rate was very strong with 70% of recipients participating.









BCRPA Recreation and Parks Performance Measures Project Report

The purpose of the BC Parks and Recreation Performance Measurement Project is to assist with the goal of developing more accountable and compelling measures of the benefits associated with recreation, community sport, fitness, active living, tourism, parks, arts, cultural and heritage services. more (member access only)

Let’s Share – Shared Use Agreements Keep Costs Down and Communities Healthy

The BCRPA and the Ministry of Education have teamed up to create a comprehensive set of Shared Use Agreement Guides. These tools include checklists, templates and information on legal considerations to help facilitate reciprocal agreements between schools and facilities.

In support of this, the BCRPA has created a free online Shared Use Agreement Guide e-learning course. This course describes the different types of shared use agreements, explains when to use them, and enables you to create a draft agreement of your own.

Addressing After-School Hours

The BCRPA conducted an environmental scan of after-school programming outside of licensed childcare for children aged 6 to 12 years old in British Columbia. The critical after-school hours are defined as 3 - 6 PM. more.

Recreation & Parks BC Magazine

The official magazine of the BCRPA is available for all those working in and with the Recreation and Parks sector. Find out about what's happening in the field., within BC and beyond. more.

BCRPA Communiqués

The BCRPA's electronic Communiqués keep you abreast of news in the recreation and parks sector. more (member access only)

Progress Report from the CPRA

Find out the latest news from the CPRA and its Transition Team. more

Recreation Infrastructure

Learn what BCRPA has recommended to the government in order to improve recreation infrastructure in BC. more

Recreation Healthy Food Choices

Find out more about what BC recreation facilities are doing to provide healthy food choices.more

Move for Life DVD: 
A valuable tool to assist older adults to lead healthier lives

The Move for Life DVD provides easy to do, physical activities for older adults who are interested in adding physical activity options to their daily routine. more

Prevention of influenza and H1N1 in recreation facilities: Sample guidelines and procedures

Some resources to protect against influenza and H1N1 provided by the Parkgate Community Centre and the North Vancouver Recreation Commission. more

Boomer Friendly Boot Camps

Boomer-Friendly Boot Camp targets inactive and moderately active men and women aged 55 – 70. The program provides general fitness training, and may also provide fitness training to prepare participants to try new sports or get back to sports they have not played in some time. more

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

The Government of Canada will allow a non-refundable tax credit on eligible amounts of up to $500 paid by parents to register a child (under the age of 16) in an eligible program of physical activity. more

Community Facility Inventory Study: Summary of Findings

The Summary of Findings of this three-phase study, designed to provide insight into the recreation environment in BC, is available for our members. more

Parks and Recreation Competencies and Standards Review Project: Summary Reports

The findings of the project to review eleven parks and recreation positions are available to our members. more

Pedometer Pilot Project Evaluation Report

The findings of the Pedometer Pilot Project, developed by BCRPA in partnership with the BC Medical Association, are available to our members. more.

CIP & Partners: Tools & Guidelines to Healthy Communities

Under the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP initiative, CIP joined forces with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information to summarize findings from Canadian built environment research conducted between 2007 and 2011into three facts sheets on topics of day-to-day relevance to planning practitioners. View the fact sheets here

Find a Municipality

Find links to local governments and related agencies. more

Welcoming Diversity

Find out more about the Lower Mainland Intermunicipal Diversity Committee and how they work to improve access to our parks and leisure facilities. more

Fees and Charges Survey

Our province-wide survey results are available to our members. more

Online Surveys

The BCRPA is able to assist members with their survey initiatives. more

Articles, Presentations

BCRPA also provides a number of articles and/or presentations of interest to our members in the following areas:

Do Bugs Need Drugs?

Do Bugs Need Drugs? is a community education program promoting the wise use of antibiotics.

Educational print material for distribution within British Columbia is funded by the Ministry of Health and is available upon request using the Do Bugs Need Drugs? Print Material Requisition Form. 
For more program information, please visit our website at www.dobugsneeddrugs.org orwww.francais.dobugsneeddrugs.org. You can also download a one-page factsheet on Keeping Athletes Healthy.

Take the Pressure Down

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon has launched a new website – www.takethepressuredown.ca - aimed at educating people about the dangers of high blood pressure and what they can do to reduce the risk. The group has also created ads in 3 different sizes that communities can include in their recreation and leisure guides to help get this valuable information to the public:

For more information, contact Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon Manager of Research & Science Jeff Sommers.

Your Organization and SOCAN

Learn about the importance of keeping your organization's/facility's SOCAN music licence up to date.