Be sure your fitness professional is BCRPA registered!

 The Registry of Fitness Professionals

You can confirm the registration status of a BCRPA fitness leader by conducting a search through The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Click on the image above and enter the name of the fitness professional into the form on the homepage.

If you cannot locate a fitness leader on The Registry®,  you can contact the BCRPA office to confirm the status of the fitness leader's registration - 604-629-0965 or

With over 5,400 registered fitness leaders the BCRPA is the largest fitness registry in Canada and has gained recognition as the standard against which the qualifications of a fitness leader may be measured.

Working with or hiring a currently registered BCRPA Fitness Leader is your assurance that the Leader has the highest qualifications in the industry, current First Aid and CPR certifications, and appropriate insurance coverage*.

*Note: The BCRPA Fitness Leaders Program group insurance coverage is not extended to Personal Trainers. Be sure to ask for proof of individual insurance coverage from your personal trainer.


Interested in becoming a BCRPA registered fitness leader?  Full information here.