The BCRPA and The Registry® of Fitness Professionals

The Registry® of Fitness Professionals showcases fitness professionals who have met provincial and national standards. The standards are developed by the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) and applied by provincial NFLA member organizations.

Members of the NFLA are committed to the promotion of a single standard for all fitness professionals.

Find qualified Fitness Professionals

The Registry® of Fitness Professionals has been created to assist members of the public, as well as fitness and recreation facility managers and owners in making staffing and hiring decisions by applying a common standard to all listed fitness professionals.

The BCRPA fitness professionals publicly listed in The Registry® are all BCRPA registered and have current CPR, First Aid and specialty training in specific areas of fitness.

Putting The Registry® to work for you.

The Registry® of Fitness Professionals is the place where BCRPA fitness leader candidates begin their registration process and where currently registered BCRPA fitness leaders update and maintain their registrations with the Association.

Instructions on how to publicly list your professional profile on The Registry® can be found here.

The following icons have been created to enable BCRPA registered fitness leaders to promote and direct people to their professional profile within The Registry® of Fitness Professionals. The icons, and their link back to your public profile, validate your status as a BCRPA registered fitness leader and promote you as a qualified fitness professional.


Complete instructions on how to access and use the icons, as well as examples of how it is used, can be found on The Registry® icon use webpage.

Your professional profile promotes your strengths and credentials to the public and to potential employers.

Being on The Registry® showcases your talents, qualifications, certifications and experience as a registered BCRPA fitness professional who has met the highest and most stringent provincial and national professional standards.


For more information, please contact The Registry® of Fitness Professionals directly at info(at)