Professions require that practitioners pursue Continuing Education Credits (CECs) each year to ensure that they are up to date with current practices in their field.  Proof of credits earned is necessary in order to renew your fitness registration with the BCRPA and continue to be publicly listed on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Below are links to Courses and Workshops that have been pre-approved for CEC credit by the BCRPA.

BCRPA Pre-Approved Courses

BCRPA Pre-Approved In-person and Distance Education Workshops


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The ICE Workshop is one of the requirements for those individuals who wish to obtain their Supervisor of Fitness Leaders (SFL) or Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL) designation. 
Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) Workshops

Performance standards are intended to guide course curriculum development and ongoing education initiatives and will provide a minimum set of standards dealing with the knowledge, skills, and values of basic Fitness Leaders. The Performance Standards are intended, as well, to provide a common base from which to design, validate or upgrade examination and practical assessments.
Performance Standards