BCRPA registered fitness leaders are required to complete Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in order to renew their registration with the BCRPA every two years. There are many ways to earn CECs with most fitness leaders taking workshops throughout the two year time period in order to expand their knowledge and expertise in a specific subject area related to the fitness industry. There are two types of workshops: pre-approved workshops and external workshops. 

Pre-approved workshops

Pre-approved workshops will provide you with a guaranteed number of CECs upon completion. In addition, these CECs will automatically be recognized within your personal account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals as soon as the workshop presenter electronically enters a passing grade for you.

External workshops

External workshops are not provided with guaranteed CECs in advance. Instead, workshop participants must fill out an online form and submit the required materials to the BCRPA for review following completion of the workshop. Participants can expect a processing time of 2-4 weeks for external workshop submissions to be reviewed and any CECs earned posted to your personal account within The Registry®.

As a service for fitness leaders, the BCRPA generates a current listing of pre-approved workshops being offered by independent workshop providers*. This list is updated regularly on The Registry® website after you have logged in. All workshops listed on The Registry® website have been reviewed by BCRPA staff and have been pre-approved. Approval from the BCRPA means that the presenter is a current BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders (SFL) or Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL) and has provided a workshop outline and all workshop materials for review. 

Currently registered BCRPA SFLs and TFLs are able to submit online applications to create a workshop and have it listed on The Registry®. To learn how to submit a workshop or course for listing on The Registry®, GO HERE.

*Important Notice:

  • Please be advised that all workshops are offered and/or facilitated by independent presenters/providers. While the BCRPA Fitness Program approves that the proposed content of the workshop is applicable to fitness leaders, the BCRPA Fitness Program is not affiliated with their operation and delivery and assumes no further responsibility or liability to registrants/participants taking these workshops. All inquiries, registrations and any other issues are to be referred directly to the workshop providers.

 Learn more about the BCRPA's CEC renewal policies and options.

Workshops will be updated on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Listing submissions are due the Monday before the update.


Pre-approved In-Person Workshop Listings

(Last updated Nov 17, 2017)

Pre-approved Distance Education Workshop Listings

(Last updated Oct 31, 2017)

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