Aquatic Fitness

The National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Mission/Mandate is as follows: The NFLA is a Canadian partnership dedicated to developing, promoting and implementing national standards for training and certification of fitness leaders in Canada.

The standards are intended to guide course curriculum development and ongoing education initiatives and will provide a minimum set of standards dealing with the knowledge, skills, and values of basic Fitness Leaders. The Performance Standards are intended, as well, to provide a common base from which to design, validate or upgrade examination and practical assessments.

The Aquatic Fitness Performance Standards (114KB pdf) are designed to provide the fitness leadership training and certification organizations throughout Canada with:

  • A reference point from which both entry-level training and the continuing education for Fitness Leaders can be planned;
  • A clear description of measurable knowledge, values and skills that characterize
    acceptable practices by competent Fitness Leaders;
  • A blueprint for nurturing professional standards for Fitness Leaders;
  • A means for improving the quality of fitness services offered to consumers.
These Performance Standards are considered appropriate and necessary for training Fitness Leaders to design and instruct safe, enjoyable and effective fitness class experiences with asyptomatic, generally healthy people.

Competency-Based Approach – Training and Development
The key to a competency-based training approach is to design a program focused on the actual tasks to be performed and to create tools to assess the levels of performance. The list of skills, knowledge and values combine to describe the attributes of a competent Fitness Leader that is able to design and deliver safe, effective and enjoyable fitness programs.