Fitness Theory

CFES Fitness Knowledge Course Student Manual, 8th Edition
The 12 chapter Fitness Knowledge manual features more than 100 detailed illustrations for the majority of bones and muscle groups; 100 photos on exercise technique and ideas; concise chapter learning objectives and summaries; and numerous charts and tables.

The following topics are covered: knowledge of the structure and function of bones, joints and muscles; the basics of human movement; exercise analysis and safety, program design; basic nutrition, energy metabolism; and the principles of training for improved cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance and body composition.
Cost: $40.00 (not including GST)

Health and Fitness Alliance(HFA), Fitness Theory Manual, 3rd Edition
(Isachsen, S. & Dr. Bill Luke)
Learn about basic human anatomy and physiology with the Health and Fitness Alliance's Fitness Theory Manual. HFA's Fitness Theory manual boasts 250 glossy pages, full of rich coloured diagrams with unparalleled quality and detail. HFA is proud to say this manual is also recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and locally printed. This publication has been produced carbon neutral for your health & fitness.
Cost: $44.00 (not including GST)

Body Blueprint, Fitness Theory Manual
(Truscott, C.)
The Body Blueprint Fitness Theory manual is designed to assist fitness theory students in learning about how the body functions and responds to exercise. It is an excellent teaching tool for Fitness Educators. It is loaded with hundreds of photos that help facilitate learning. It is an approved BCRPA Fitness Theory manual and can be used by Trainers of Fitness Leaders as a course manual or by experienced leaders wishing to have a good reference manual.
Cost: $ 40.00 (not including GST)

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