Code of Ethics

The Fitness Program Code of Ethics is designed to provide guidance - both individually and collectively - to all registered BCRPA Fitness Leaders, in order to maintain a high level of ethical conduct. The essential principles of the Code of Ethics are honesty and integrity. Fitness Leaders who reflect these characteristics will be a credit to the Association, the institutions they represent and themselves.

Read the complete Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct policy, including Confidentiality and Disciplinary policies.

In summary, BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders will:

  • Actively support the mission and philosophy of the BCRPA Fitness Program.
  • Be forthright in all dealings with the public; with integrity and without compromise, always act in the best interests of the public's well-being.
  • Treat all people equally and with respect for human dignity.
  • Uphold high ethical standards, bringing integrity and honesty to the profession.
  • Recognize individual boundaries of competence and refer to more qualified fitness or health professionals when appropriate.
  • Participate in continuing education and training to upgrade knowledge and stay current in the fitness profession.
  • Preserve the credibility and dignity of colleagues and associates by exhibiting professionalism in all situations.
  • Comply with the spirit, as well as the letter of all applicable business, employment and copyright laws and regulations.
  • Enhance community well-being by providing a high level of excellence in both professional skills and knowledge
  • Strive to bring credit to the fitness profession by meeting or exceeding the standards of the BCRPA Fitness Program.
  • Present yourself truthfully in conjunction with the BCRPA name and its associated professional credentials