Steps to obtaining the Older Adult Fitness designation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BCRPA-registered fitness professional. The BCRPA is the exclusive provider in BC of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Performance Standards, which are among the highest in Canada for the credentialing of fitness professionals.

Your registration as a fitness leader with the BCRPA will provide you with a number of benefits. For a list of those benefits, please go here.

To become registered as a BCRPA Older Adult Fitness Leader, complete the steps in the listed order below, and according to the time limits described in the table below.

Should you have any questions about these requirements, please don’t hesitate to email Registration(at) for clarification.  

Prior to writing the Fitness Theory exam, it is strongly recommended that you complete a Fitness Theory course. The course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and improve your chances of successfully passing the exam. A list of BCRPA approved courses can be found here.
Step 1 


The Fitness Theory course is NOT a requirement for BCRPA registration, however it is highly recommended for exam candidates.
Step 2                                      

Create an Account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals

All candidates for registration with the BCRPA must create an account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals. Go to to set up your account.

Access our online user manual for assistance in using The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Step 3

Pass the BCRPA Fitness Theory Examination ($80.00 exam fee + $30 ProctorU Service Fee)

To take the exam, log in to your new account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals and then click on the MANAGE MEMBERSHIP tab on the horizontal menu bar. 

Click the Take Fitness Theory Exam link then follow the instructions to pay for the exam online, either by Visa or Mastercard, or by bank-issued money order*. 

If you choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard, you will receive exam information and further instructions as soon as you complete the purchase transaction. 

*Please note that if you choose the bank-issued money order as your payment method, you will then mail in your payment to the BCRPA office and once it clears the issuing bank, exam information and further instructions will be made available to you. No Debit Cards and Personal Cheques are accepted!

For more information about the exam follow this link.

After you pass the Fitness Theory Examination you will have one year from your Fitness Theory exam date to complete steps 3 and 4.

Step 4

Obtain CPR and First Aid Certifications and record them in your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals

you may complete this step before writing the exam if you so choose)

BCRPA Registered Fitness Leaders and registration candidates are required to have current CPR and First Aid certifications at all times. These certifications must come from the following organizations or from companies that are authorized by them to provide these certifications: Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, Canadian Ski Patrol, the Lifesaving Society or the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Note: The BCRPA does NOT accept online CPR or First Aid certifications

Fitness Leaders are required to have a minimum of CPR-A certification and either Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid certification.

Once you obtain First Aid and/or CPR credentials, you are able to login to The Registry® and update this information into your account. Consult the user manual for The Registry® for instructions on doing so.  

Step 5

Register with the BCRPA in Fitness Theory ($95.00)

Your registration with BCRPA also provides you with a number of benefits. For a list of benefits, please go here.

This one-year registration must be completed within one year of your Fitness Theory exam date and before you register for your first specialty module course.

You can purchase this registration through The Registry® once you have completed steps 1 to 3. 

This initial registration is valid for one year. You have until its expiry date to complete at least steps 5-7 below and become registered as a Weight Training Leader. Your registration includes one year of BCRPA Fitness Program membership, initial registration on The Registry® and insurance coverage to complete all required practical elements for your first specialty module registration. 

If you do not complete these steps prior to your registration expiration date, repeat steps step 2 to 4 to then give yourself another year to complete the rest of the registration requirements.

Step 6

Complete EITHER the Group Fitness OR Weight Training Specialty Designation

Please refer to Steps 6 and 7 of this page.

Step 7

Complete the Older Adult Fitness Module

For information on the Scope of Practice for Older Adult Fitness click here.

Register for an Older Adult course:

For your convenience, the BCRPA maintains an ongoing list of approved courses across all specialty modules. You must take a BCRPA approved course in order to qualify for registration with the BCRPA.

To see the current course listings, please go here.

Choose a course provider (or more than one) from that list and contact them for more information about course length, dates, times, pre-requisites and fees. Then select the course, and course provider, that suit your situation best.

**The course provider will need your Fitness Leader ID, found on your MAIN PAGE when logged into your account on The Registry®, in order to register you for the course.

Complete the Older Adult course and all requirements:

BCRPA approved courses have both classroom theory components and practical, hands on components. Depending on the course and/or the instructor, there are quizzes, exams and projects that must be completed as well. Check with your course provider regarding the requirements for your chosen course.

Step 8

Pass the BCRPA Older Adult Exam ($65 exam fee + $15 ProctorU Service Fee)

 Once you have been given a “pass” for your Older Adult course in your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals, the option to purchase the exam will be available. (Please note that, prior to course completion, you will NOT be able to purchase the exam).

Once the exam is purchased, an automatic email notification will be sent to direct you to the online scheduling website. Please refer to exam page on the BCRPA site for information.

Step 9

Complete the Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) requirements for the Older Adult Module

To download your ICE Package, go here.

Please consult with your course conductor regarding the completion of the ICE, all ICE packages must be marked by an Older Adult Fitness TFL.

Please submit legible copies of your marked ICE package to the BCRPA, and keep the original package for your own records.

Step 10

Register with the BCRPA in Older Adult Fitness

Once you have completed the Older Adult exam and ICE requirements and have submitted your completed ICE Package to the BCRPA, the Older Adult specialty module registration will be added to your account on The Registry®. 

As long as all other credentials are current (BCRPA Fitness registration, CPR and First Aid) you will be able to publish your profile so that it is visible to your employer as well as to anyone searching The Registry® of Fitness Professionals.

Upon completion of the processing of your ICE package, BCRPA staff will update your profile on The Registry®.

At that point: Congratulations! You are now a BCRPA Registered Older Adult Fitness Leader!