ProMOTION Plus Opportunities

ProMOTION Plus is the British Columbia organization for girls and women in physical activity and sport.

Women and Leadership Workshop Series

ProMOTION Plus and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) have partnered to deliver the Women and Leadership workshop series. This consists of five professional development sessions designed for women, by women. Half-day sessions blend theory with practical applications and provide an opportunity for women working or volunteering in sport or active living communities, the recreation field or school system to share experiences, reflect on ideas and apply specific techniques. The sessions also allow for networking opportunities among participants.

For more information visit the ProMOTION Plus website.


Workshop Titles

Effective Networking

  • Explore the value of networking
  • Discuss in-person and online networks
  • Identify strategies to build and maintain your network

Creating Work / Life Balance

  • Examine your priorities and what “balance” means to you
  • Explore key dimensions that can help or hinder life balance
  • Learn strategies and collect tips to help you experience balance

Effective Communication

  • Consider the importance of your personal brand
  • Learn about four distinct communication styles, and identify your preferred style
  • Discuss electronic communication and social media etiquette, and how to avoid common pitfalls

Conflict Resolution

  • Consider sources of conflict and the cost of leaving conflict unresolved
  • Consider five styles for dealing with conflict, identify your preferred style, and discuss situations when each style should be employed
  • Review tips for effective conflict management

Influencing Change

  • Identify elements of effective change movements
  • Review tips for being heard and improving your listening skills
  • Discuss approaches on how to influence others