Passport Programs

Passport programs use booklets or passports that encourage children and families to try new activities by providing access to different programs and activities in your community. Passports are fun to use and present information in an easy-to-read format. Passports can also be used to measure and track individual activities.

Running a passport program includes:

  • Developing, designing and printing your passport booklet
  • Creating and deciding which planned activities/events/programs to highlight in your passport
  • Delivering the passports to schools or community facilities
  • Monitoring of participation and sending reminders to participants to track their activities
  • Providing incentives and prizes for participating and completing passports

Use these examples to help you create your own passport program:

  • Vancouver's Red Fox Waking Passport for Aboriginal children, youth and their families - Passport, Success Story, website
  • Kickstart Kelowna's Activity Passport - Passport
  • Salmon Arm's Active Passport - Success Story

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